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Eye liner top or Bottom

(1-2 hours - $125)
Eye liner

At Pretty Woman we believe that any woman of any age can use eyeliner or lash enhancement to enhance their eyes. Many women come in for permanent eyeliner because they feel they look washed out in the morning and have no definition around the eyes anymore.

For some, it's as simple as not being able to put eyeliner on! For the most subtle change, a lash enhancement will add color just in between the eyelash hairs to add fullness and definition to the eyelashes. For many women this is all they want and need.

It gives them just enough punch. It opens the eye and gives a very subtle, defined look.

Women who wear eyeliner every day will want more of a liner which is added just above the lash line. No more smearing, smudging, or melting.

You can always start off with a lash enhancement and add more liner at a later date. The conservative approach is always best