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Mole Removal

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Moles, or nevi, are commonly known as dark spots or irregularity in the skin. Some people are born with moles, and others appear over time.

They are usually benign (non-cancerous) but some moles prove to be a melanoma, or skin cancer when a biopsy is done. It is best to get medical advice if your mole changes shape or size, is irregularly shaped, asymmetrical, protrudes, itches, becomes painful or bleeds.

There are a number of methods used to remove moles, but we use an excision with cauterization: The mole is burned away using a cautery tool. Stitches are not required for this procedure as the wound is burn-sutured, and will heal naturally.

Benefits of Mole Removal

There are various benefits to this procedure, including:
  • Removing protruding moles that get in the way of shaving.
  • Reducing skin irritation that can occur when certain moles rub against clothing or jewelry.
  • Achieving smoother, clearer skin.
  • Enhancing appearance and improving self-esteem.


Most importantly, if a mole is suspected to be pre-cancerous early on, it can often be completely removed before it causes a serious health risk.