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Ipl, when first introduced in the late 1990’s, was limited to light skinned individuals with dark hair. Efficient Ipl Hair Removal was produced by Alexandrite and Diode ipls. Dark skinned individuals could not use these ipls for effective hair removal because early generation ipls were unable to distinguish between skin pigment and hair follicles, which led to the burning of those with darker skin.

Ipl Treatment

At Olga Florez’s Aesthetics center & Spa we treat hair as a means to an ends in closing the circle on all our patients aesthetic needs. We understand that all of you have different skin maintenance regimens, which causes us to encounter various skin conditions. To tackle this we designed this unique treatment that we tailor to fit your needs precisely.

Today this has all changed. The advent of the new IPL line, the YAG, and the re-invention of the IPL system has afforded excellent results for individuals with dark skin and dark hair.

Olga Florez's Aesthetic Center & Spa is the number one for Ipl Hair Removal, Ipl Skin Tightening, Ipl Vein Removal, Ipl Tattoo Removal, Ipl Acne Treatments, PhotoFacials for men and women. We use a combination of IPL Intense Pulsed Light and Ipl technologies to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair anywhere on the face or body, Rejuvenate your skin, Get rid off thos annoying Tattoos, Help your kids and even yourself with the acne treatment. Our ipl procedures work on all skin types.