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Cellular nutrition

( 1 hour - $100)
Cellular Nutrition

What is cellular nutrition and what are the body cells?

Cellular nutrition is the process of ensuring that the body's cells get the proper amount of nutrients that they need in order to function properly and keep a person healthy.

Cellular Nutrition can be obtained only through a special blend of highly solvable vitamins and nutrients that help the body cells to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from foods and supplements. In order to get the inactive body cells to absorb vitamins and nutrients, they need to be cleaned up of toxins ,that keep them inactive, and activated.

Environmental toxins are a fact of life. Every time you breathe, you are taking in airborne toxins. Much of the processed food you eat contains artificial ingredients, such as colors and preservatives, that do nothing to nourish your body.

As we age, most of our body cells get covered with toxins and cannot absorb all the nutrients that they need to maintain our health, ideal weight and daily energy.
In order to become healthier and stay healthy, we need cellular nutrition that acts at the core of our body, the CELLULAR LEVEL.

The nutrition we recommend is cellular nutrition, that acts at the cell level, cleans them up from toxins and activates the cells so they can absorb the nutrients and vitamins from foods and supplements and be healthy again.