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(30 minutes - $50)

Ultracavitation is one of the most efficient treatments for the improvement of orange-peel skin’s appearance and to combat superficial fat and localized fat accumulation.

It consists of applying ultrasounds to the skin’s surface to produce pressure and temperature changes in the adipose tissue’s interstitial fluid.

This new therapeutic device uses higher penetration frequencies that compress the liquids without increasing the temperature. In this manner, Ultracavitation is defined as a painless, safer and more efficient treatment.

The results obtained from Ultracavitation are manifest by a progressive improvement in the aspect and quality of orange-peel skin. It is evident from the first sessions and by the reduction in accumulated fat volume, which is visible several days after the first session.

In order to obtain good results, the number of session should be between 8 and 12, applied weekly or fortnightly.

Each Ultracavitation session lasts for 30 to 50 minutes depending on the areas treated (abdomen and trochanters, respectively).

The Ultracavitation transmitter is applied to each area with conductive gel. It is painless and there is no need to shave the treated area.

Immediately after ultrasound application, an intense drainage of the area is recommended with either Endermologie, Pressotherapy, Passive Gym or Lymphatic Massage techniques for approximately 15 minutes. FOX-NEWS REPORT (VIDEO) see how it Works VIDEO

What are the benefits of Ultracavitation?

  • Does not require sedatives.
  • Eliminates fat nodes from the both skin’s surface (orange-peel skin) as well as deeper down in the skin.
  • Does not damage surrounding tissue.
  • A versatile treatment that can be applied to almost all fat tissue and body types.


Does Ultracavitation have any side effects?

It has no side effects or health risks for three basic reasons:

  • The frequencies used only affect the fat deposits, leaving the other areas of tissue unscathed.
  • The breakdown of fat cells occurs in short-chain free fatty acids. This favours metabolization and elimination of fat without increasing the triglycerides in the blood.
  • The contact device applied to the skin is designed to prevent heat damage.


Is Ultracavitation the most efficient treatment method for the elimination of cellulite?

Ultracavitation results are very close to those obtained from surgery, but on some occasions, neither of these two methods are valid substitutes to other treatments. For example, in the case of localized microcirculation disorders with fluid retention, Ultracavitation will eliminate the accumulated fat; but it should be combined with a complementary treatment to improve veno-lymphatic return, such as Endermologie, Pressotherapy, Passive Gym or Lymphatic Massage.


Is the increasing use of technology in Cosmetic Medicine beneficial?

Application of new technologies in the field of cosmetic and general medicine is extremely beneficial; since the results obtained are less and less invasive, faster and safer.