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(30 minutes - $35)

Endermotherapy Vibration promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulation of connective tissue, causing muscle relaxation, mobilization of the superficial and deep subcutaneous fat.

It is a noninvasive technique that increases circulation to the skin, muscles and connective tissues. Results are due to vibrational stimulation pressure rotary, percussion and massage.

The intensity and frequency of these vibrations are adjustable.This makes it more mobile in order to relax it and increase the range of motion and flexibility. EndermoTherapy is a very powerful circulatory and lymphatic massage that increases your blood flow by approximately 400% for up to 6 hours and increases your lymphatic drainage by approximately 300% for up to 3 hours.

Use the directional system with parallel and perpendicular movements similarly allows multiple simultaneous maneuvers according to their treatment needs.

Endermotherapy Therapeutic Massage is excellent treatment for:

  • conditions where increased blood circulation is desired; for example lympahtic insufficiency disorders, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia
  • long distance runners suffering leg cramps
  • marathon runners wanting faster recovery times between events
  • triathletes wanting more muscular endurance and responsiveness
  • track and field athletes needing ultimate leg muscle performance
  • runners in general who suffer from shin splints, IT band syndrome, leg cramps
  • golfers wanting to add more distance to their swing
  • swimmers wanting more range of arc in their stroke
  • tennis players wanting more power from their back muscles to serve faster
  • boxers or mixed martial artists who want to recover faster from their grueling training sessions.