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(30 minutes - $45)

The cryotherapy body wrap was intended to be applied to the body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness of the skin and altering the appearance of the cellulite, flabby skin and striae. Ideal after weight loss, pregnancy, etc.

This technique detoxifies the body, returning it to its normal metabolic balance promoting excess fluid draining and breaks down stubborn cellulite, stimulating microcirculation for radiant skin health. Refines and firms the skin. Good for volume loss in firm legs, this cooling wrap helps reduce the heaviness in legs.


Benefits of cold bandages for weight loss:

  • Loss of weight due to its active ingredients which operate by burning fat.
  • Improves and cell metabolism.
  • Helps to eliminate toxins.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Improves digestive metabolism.
  • Increases the peristalsis.
  • Improves kidney, metabolism increase urine output.
  • Reducing stretch marks.


Mechanism of action

  • Drops the temperature locally, resulting in an increase in cell metabolism r, accelerating calorie consumption.
  • Accelerate the Elimination of toxins.
  • Elimina fats, as it reduces the internal pressure of the adipose tissue.This action helps to eliminate cellulite.