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Bio-Gym or Electrostimulation

(35 minutes - $35)




What is Bio Gym or Electrostimulation?

Bio Gym and Electrostimulation, is the same treatment, is the application of electric current, simulating the electrical pulse sent by the nervous system to the muscle in order to produce the contraction. This stimulation is done thru the application of plates or electrodes over the muscle surface placing the motor point in order to get the muscle contracted, just as it would be due to the nerve impulse.


This is like doing a THOUSAND SIT-UPS!!!!






Its aesthetic indications are mainly use for:

  • Muscle reaffirmation
  • Skin tone and elasticity increase
  • Muscular mass increase
  • Prevents secondary sagging in thinning processes
  • Helps in the cellulite eliminating process.
  • Facial and corporal lymphatic drainage
  • Molding your body
  • Recovery of the figure
  • Facial rejuvenation