• Olga Florez Massage Relax
  • Olga Florez Massage with scences
  • Olga Florez Massage Relax with Flowers
  • Olga Florez Swedish Massage
  • Olga Florez Hot Stone Massage
  • Olga Florez Exfoliation with Mud Therapy

About Olga's Aesthetic Center & Spa



Olga Florez's Aestehtic Center & Spa is your destination for superior pampering and escape from your daily stresses. It's friendly, unpretentious staff, esthetically pleasing and soothing atmosphere, and more notably for its qualified and certified professional estheticians. All spa services are administered by New York State licensed professionals, who provide beneficial treatments using the highest quality products designed to cater to each client's specific needs and total body wellness.

Our loyal clients come from West Orange, Mt. Kisko, Greenwich, Norwalk and beyond, simply because they can count on the very best service. Between the tranquility massages and the exceptional loss weigth reduction programs, it's no wonder Olga Florez's Aesthetic Center & Spa continues to receive numerous awards for their excellent services.

Olga Florez esthetician

Olga Florez's Aesthetic Center & Spa

Monday - Saturday
9am - 7pm

149 grand Street
White Plains, NY 10601


New York Licensed Esthetician

Experience: 27 years at Olga Florez's Aesthetic Center & Spa.

Certification: Esthetics - Christine Valmy International School
, New York, NY, USA.

Creative Approach: Being conscious of the constant and evolution in the science of beauty, constantly attends the most important congress, seminars and workshops in Montreal (Canada), Munich (Germany), Las Vegas, California, Philadelphia, Orlando, Miami, and New York. She is recognize and recommended at Westchester County, by prestigious esthetic surgeons, such as: Doctor Christian Guzmán, Director of the Surgery Faculty at White Plains Hospital; Dr. Efraín Gómez, Surgeon and Dr. Carlos Arango, plastic surgeon, all of them certify and very well known in the esthetic surgery field. Her 27 years of experience, 18 in Colombia and 9 at the Metropolitan area of New York, added to her constant and successful experiences in the beauty field, warranty every one of her treatments in the esthetic field. Lose weight and volume, cellulites, and lymphatic draining post-surgery, are her most important and recognize techniques in the aesthetic world.

Hobbies: Though not particularly great at any one specific discipline, I do love to dabble in all things creative, artistic and otherwise whimsical and nonsensical. I also enjoy movies, hiking, skiing, red wine, asian food, long walks in the park and candlelight dinners.

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